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                Electric Scooter Parts

                If you love riding your electric scooter in Australia and use it all the time, there is a good chance that you will soon need to give it a little care and maintenance. Even with the best E-scooters, environmental factors and regular use can cause issues and sometimes even irreparable faults. Sometimes, these faults can develop quickly or can be caused by accidents, which may mean you are stranded.

                For these reasons and more, we offer high-quality electric scooter parts to all our customers. As suppliers, servicers and riders of electric scooters, we’re great believers in offering a full range of spare parts for E-scooters. Whether you’ve had a motor breakdown, brake failure or electric fault, we have got the right part at the right price for you along with sound suggestions on how you can install or maintain your parts. Read More

                Self Repairs With Our E-scooter Parts

                If you’ve had a bit of experience in engineering, repairs or electrics, carrying out a maintenance check or installing parts for electric scooters can actually be a lot of fun. Apart from the obvious necessity to get the scooter back up and running again, the sense of achievement can be wonderful. Plus, it also saves a lot of money if the repair or replacement is a straightforward job.

                In fact, apart from welding or repairs on special equipment, most replacements or repairs can be carried out with very few tools. For mechanical parts, you’ll often need little more than the right lubricant and the right fitting tool. Electrical parts can be a little more tricky but with the right training and a sensible approach, even these can be relatively uncomplicated.

                The parts we offer for your self-repair work or maintenance job include:

                • Brake pads
                • Integral light fittings
                • Wheel motors
                • Batteries
                • Tyres
                • Kickstands

                This is by no means a full list and we’ve got fantastic links with many of the major brands, so whatever spares you need we can get it. As well as the parts listed, we can get spares from brands such as:

                Spare Parts for Electric Scooters: A Note of Caution

                It is important to recognize that, while self-repairs can be inexpensive and rewarding, these e-scooter parts should only be installed by someone who knows what they are doing. Electric scooters can deal with some high levels of electric current and a wrong move can result in severe injuries.

                Alternatively, if you have a fault with your scooter and need someone to have a look at it, why not take advantage of our electric scooter repair and maintenance service?

                Order Your Electric Scooter Parts Online Today!

                Whatever project you are working on, whether you want to improve your scooter, fix a fault or just generally have a backup in case you need it in future, we’re here to provide the right part for the job. If you don’t see exactly what you need on the website today, give us a call or a message and we’ll be happy to guide you through our stock.

                If you have found what you’re after, don’t delay! We’re one of the premier suppliers of electric scooter parts in Australia so some of our stock goes quickly. Fill out our simple registration form now, add the item to your basket and pay. We’ll do the rest, and your part will be with you in no time! Read Less

                SPARE PARTS (114)

                11" inch Off Road Tyres | Kaabo Wolf Warrior/King GT


                11" inch Road/Street Tyres


                Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter Tyre


                10 x 2.5 inch Tube


                10x3" inch Tyre


                8.5" inch Tube


                E-Scooter Sunshade for EYE Dualtron Minimitors Dashboard 3D


                E-Scooter Sunshade for QS-S4 Dashboard 3D


                Kaabo Wolf Warrior/King GT Suspension Bushes 3D With Washers

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