OneE scooters are one of the most effective personal transportation options for a busy modern individual. It is an efficient and compact means of transportation that fits easily under the desk or in the back of the car, when folded. Tired of traffic jams and rides in an overcrowded public transport? Let us guide you when choosing the best electric scooter for Australia and other areas around the world.

For those that want heaps of power and torque for hilly areas, we recommend our best-seller, the Mercane WideWheel PRO 2020 Dual Motor electric scooter.

If you are after a well-rounded performer with a decent range and moderate weight, then the Xiaomi M365 Pro is your choice.

Long trips require extra battery life – our Segway Max model is a top performer in this regard with whooping 65 km range and fast-charging option. Another important perk is the self-healing tyres that are puncture-free and are VERY suitable for every terrain.

Looking for a stylish powerful and lightweight e bike scooter? Unagi is an absolute stunner with sleek design and variations of colour for everyone's liking. Dual motors allow the Unagi to ride comfortably even on mixed terrain with some decent slopes.

For younger audiences and lower budgets - the king of cheap electric scooters is the Xiaomi M365. If you are keen for additional features like glowing lights and more then the Segway ES2/ES4 e-scooter is a great choice with reasonable pricing.

One of our own favourites - all-terrain electric scooter – the Mercane MX60 will be your finest companion in the city with large tyres that have lots of cushion and absorption power. At the same time, it can handle any off-road setting with ease because of its double suspension on both motors with more than 3000watt power and a removable battery for easy charging at home.

For folks that after some unforgettable urban riding experience - Let us introduce Kaabo Mantis. One of the most exciting eScooters on the market - period. Minimitors controllers combined with 60volt LG batteries create an impressive combo bringing it heads up with the fastest and most capable scooters of today.