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                Electric Scooter Helmets

                The importance of finding a good quality electric scooter helmet can never be overemphasised. Whether you’re having a top speed ride to work or an idle weekend roll, there are always hazards to riding an electric scooter, and we want to be protected against any eventuality. These days, there are a lot of places which sell electric scooter helmets online, but it is always worth being cautious, as there are many that are simply knock-offs made with poor materials that can actually cause more harm than good. Read More

                Looking For An Electric Scooter Helmet?

                As a well-regarded supplier of electric scooters in Australia and electric scooter accessories, we’re pleased to offer a high-quality range of official e-scooter helmet brands to our customers. We believe that everyone has the right to safe equipment and protection, which is why you’ll only find helmets we would be comfortable using ourselves.

                What To Look For In a Helmet For Your E-scooter Rides

                When you are buying something which you hope will protect your head, it is always a good idea to put thoughts of economy aside. That said, you shouldn’t immediately opt for the most expensive brand either, as sometimes helmet manufacturers will spend more on aesthetic features than the robust materials needed to keep your head safe.

                Instead, you should look at reviews and ratings. Take some time to get familiar with the brand and how it has performed in the past against other helmets. Get familiar with the materials used and how adaptable a helmet can be - after all not all heads are the same. It is worth ensuring you have something that will give you both freedom of movement, ease of vision as well as a secure fit to keep you protected.

                Our main offers when it comes to helmets for electric scooters include:

                • Helmet - our standard PPE helmet. Made from strong, thick materials it offers protection from serious head injuries and has a range of options to choose from, including:
                • Colours: Black, Blue or Pink
                • Sizes: In head diameter these are - Small (54cm), Medium (54 to 58cm) and Large (58cm to 62cm).
                • Xiaomi Smart Helmet - For those who want something that will offer not only protection but visibility and weatherproofing. It has a range of great features that will make you comfortable and safe, including:
                • Automatic lighting: A bright LED which senses ambient lighting and reacts automatically, so you won’t have to stop to turn it on when it gets dark.
                • IPX4 Waterproofing: A design which allows for exposure against the rain.
                • An adjustable strap and a head diameter of 58-61cm
                • High density EPS and PC to ensure high strength and impact resistance, so you can be confident of your safety as you ride.

                As with all our products, these helmets fall under our warranty remit and are a legal requirement for riding in public spaces - in turn, that means we’re pleased to offer these a duty of care to you, our treasured customer!

                Do I Need to Wear a Helmet When Riding My E-scooter?

                We’ll give it to you in short-yes! Not only is a helmet legally required when riding your motorcycle in Australia; it may save your life. Even if you’re on a bicycle, remember that our heads are most likely to be injured in an accident. Head injuries are the leading cause of death, serious injury and disability in road accidents. By reducing the head trauma inflicted by accidents, wearing a helmet reduces your chances of serious injury by 63%.

                Helmets are also great for riding safely in bad weather. Especially if it comes with a visor attached, your helmet will not only shield you from the elements but it will increase your visibility. Helmets with visors are also great for reducing other annoyances while you ride, such as flying debris, air pollution or noise pollution.

                The Complete Guide to Helmets

                While it’s tempting to go for the most stylish option, your priority should be quality. Sorry, but the boring details matter here, or else you’ll defeat the whole purpose of a helmet-safety first! Here are a few factors that you should consider, apart from your budget:

                Size & Shape

                This is crucial. Make sure your helmet fits your head snugly and has an adjustable chinstrap. Bear in mind that if the shape of the helmet fits your head poorly, it may exert pressure on certain parts of the head, resulting in discomfort. You don’t want to get migraines from your daily commute. It’s all about the fit. It’s also important not to attempt to use an adult’s helmet on a child, as it’s likely that a poor fit will defeat the purpose of the helmet.


                Imagine sweating up a storm, only to use the same helmet tomorrow, and the day after! To save your poor head from your own sweaty musk, ensure your helmet has sufficient ventilation. Ladies, you might also want to use a plastic hair protector (which looks much like a shower cap) to save your luscious locks.


                Studies show that, as helmets increase the mass exerted onto our heads, a poor helmet choice may cause injury to the neck or spinal cord. Choosing a lighter e-scooter helmet can reduce spinal damage in the long term.


                Cushioning is another crucial factor. Have a look at the material the cushioning is made up of, too. The material’s capacity to withstand repeated pressure may give you a sense of its durability. Check that your helmet complies with the Australian Standard or the European Standard, and that it gives sufficient cushioning to your skull.


                Brightly coloured electric scooter helmets can make you extra-visible to other drivers in bad weather or on night-time rides.


                Opacity, sun-shielding capacity... you get the gist. Many modern helmets also come with anti-fog systems so that your visor doesn’t impair your vision.

                Fall Head Over Heels…

                …in love with our helmets, that is! Take some time to check out our full collection of full-face, bicycle and motorcycle helmets on offer. We offer free delivery nationwide.

                Order Your Electric Scooter Helmet Online & Protect Yourself Today!

                When you’re thinking of buying a helmet, please get in touch if you aren’t entirely sure what product or size is best for you. We’re experts in road safety and will be able to advise you of the best product and the best size.

                If you know what you are after, you can place your order in a matter of minutes. Fill out a few simple details and get yourself registered now, add your item to the basket and pay - we’ll take care of the rest and your electric scooter helmet will be with you soon! Read Less

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