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UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter
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UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter

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    The Original Push-Button Electric Scooter

                    We’ve all seen the old science fiction depictions of folding vehicles. Push a button, and it magically unfolds from a compact shape, and vice versa. It was a slick effect, but now it’s just as slick of a reality. With a state-of-the-art steel hinge system, a single push of a button can fold the Unagi 450 scooter into an easy-to-carry configuration. Another push of a button is all it takes to get it road-ready again.

                    There’s never been an easier to move/store scooter designed, and this sets the bar pretty high for any who’d challenge such a feat.

    Immaculate Lighting

                Lighting is crucial for safety, and the 47-lumen LED and blinking red rear-LED provide perfect visibility in all conditions, ensuring your safety and that of those around you.

    Unmatched Motor Power

                    There’s nothing quite like choice, and the Unagi electric scooter offers you precisely that, with two choices of engine. This is offered in the form of two models, the E250 and the E450. The E250, slightly less powerful but also more efficient, runs off a 250-watt front-mounted motor. This is ideal for paved surfaces and urban environments, providing a smooth, steady and balanced ride with solid range.

                    The E450 offers a rear-mounted 450-watt engine capable of over 28 newton meters of torque. This gives the E450 some serious climbing power, enabling to tackle inclines up to 15 degrees. This is excellent for suburban and rural environments, enabling users to accessibly enjoy Australia’s natural beauty.

                    Regardless of which motor you choose you can count on absolutely top-quality builds. These motors are constructed with neodymium magnets (a very durable and powerful electric motor part). And equipped with a high-end monitoring system to allow for ultimate performance and power efficiency.

    Unbeatable Batteries

                    Powerful and quality motors are nothing without solid batteries to power them. The Unagi electric scooter makes use of the latest and greatest battery technology by LG. These high-density batteries charge faster than any other battery their size, and have the highest longevity possible. These batteries have a lifespan of years, reliably charging and keeping you on the go.

                    When the time finally does come to replace one of these batteries, it can easily be replaced by you, or you can simply send the scooter in to have it done.

    Brake with Confidence and Ease

                    One of the biggest problems with most electric scooter designs is the jerkiness of steering and breaking. Many have very sensitive brake controls with poor easing, resulting in a nerve-racking and jarring experience, especially in an urban stop-and-go environment.

                    The Unagi electric scooter eliminates such a jarring ride, making use of an ergonomically-designed lever with painstakingly-precise dual anti-lock brakes. These have excellent easing both in activation and application, providing a smooth but very safe and responsive stop.

    Top-Notch Speed Control

                        With an intuitive microprocessor control system, steering the Unagi 450 electric scooter is easy. You need only select beginner, intermediate or advanced, and the control system will step in to handle finer adjustments as needed. This is truly a smart scooter.

    Best Handlebar Ever

                    Handlebars on most scooters, while functional, are less than excellently-designed. The Unagi electric scooter changes the game in every possible way. In fact, many, many prototypes were created in pursuit of the ultimate control system for this whole new class of scooter.

                    The top bar offers actual dashboard controls for throttling, braking, horns and the high-powered LED headlight. All the bulk and unsightly wiring of traditional designs is gone in favor of a sleek, to-the-point system constructed of light-weight magnesium (33% lighter than traditional aluminum).

    Space Age Structural Design

                    The Unagi 450 electric scooter uses Japanese TORAY carbon fiber for a light-weight, super-strong structural design. This is literally the same hand-layered, painstakingly-crafted carbon fiber technology utilized by Elon Musk’s SpaceX rockets. If it can handle the moon and beyond, you know you’re in good hands!

    Professional-Grade Tires

                    The Unagi 450 electric scooter sports 7.5”, puncture-proof solid rubber wheels guaranteed to not go flat. Clever distribution of air pockets provides a unique and unquestionable form of suspension, allowing for a safe, comfortable and reliable riding experience.

    Proprietary Kickstand

                    Most scooters use standard off-the-shelf kickstands from third party manufacturers.  These work well enough, but the Unagi electric scooter utilizes a custom kickstand designed only for this scooter. The scooter and kickstand are designed around each other, keeping it stable, but also uninstructive when not in use.

    All Hands on Deck

                    Most scooters also have rough sandpaper or harsh rubber decks, but not the Unagi 450. Silicon-embedded aluminum is providing excellent comfort and traction.

    Ultimate Paint Job

                    The finish on the Unagi 450 electric scooter is not unlike a costly luxury vehicle, smooth, resistive to abrasion and making use of three separate coats of laminate. Available in a wide array of colors, you’re sure to find one you love.

      Weight: 10.9kg
      Riding modes: 3 riding modes (15km, 20km, 25km)
      Range: 25km
      Breaking distance: 3.9m
      Brakes: Electronic Brake E-ABS
      Charging Time: 4-5 hour
      Charging Power: 67.2W