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Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved
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Kaabo Wolf King 11 72V E-Scooter| Preloved

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    Off road electric scooter built to handle anything Australia has to offer!

    Are you looking for a ride that never gives up? Do you want a powerful electric scooter that can tackle any terrain you can throw at it? If so the Kaabo Wolf KING 11 got even better than its predecessor and is the perfect adult electric scooter for you! 

    The Kaabo Wolf KING 11 electric scooter is now powered by two 1500W motors and features hydraulic Zoom disc brakes both front and rear. The Wolf KING 11+ also has the power, and range to get you anywhere and back again. This OFF Road electric scooter also has all LED lights as the head, tail and brake lights to keep you confident conquering trails all day and into the evening.

    Range is provided by an impressive 28AH LG battery that will keep you riding every trail you can find; even on longer trails with an estimated range of 120KM*.  Not only do these batteries have a long lifespan, they also ensure that there is a consistent voltage while in use and allow for an expedient recharge. Standard recharge time is 14-17 hours, but if that isn’t fast enough add a second charger to get back on the trails in 7-9 hours!

    Preloved - did ONLY 75km, was used in-store as a demo 

    The Kaabo Wolf King 11 features front hydraulic suspension and rear springs, paired with grippy 11” tubeless pneumatic off road tyres to eat up any trail surface. Even hills don’t slow this off road scooter down, the Wolf King 11 can dominate on hills up to a 45° gradient. This ruggedly built off road scooter comes in at just 46 kg ready to ride it comes in at 1250x625x1250MM and ready to stow in the back on your way to even more off road adventures it folds down to 1500x270x470MM. Don’t forget to bring your safety gear because this scooter will carry a rider up to 150 kg.

    If you just can’t resist riding it everywhere, even on your daily commute to work don’t worry, the Kaabo Wolf King 11 still complies with the Australian limit of 25KM/H in town. On private property unleash your need for speed, this adult electric scooter will reach a blistering 85KM/H!

    When you are ready to stop, you will really be able to trust your brakes thanks to fully hydraulic front and rear disc brakes equipped with ABS.

    There are 3 power modes available on this off road scooter for adults.  With a digital display mounted on the handlebars you can keep an eye on your battery levels, speed, and trip.

     The new Kaabo Wolf King 11 has got redesigned handle bars that now come at a slight angle giving you unparalleled cornering capacity even at high speeds.

    *Max speed and range are calculated under factory conditions. Factors such as weight, hills, terrain, power mode,  lights and heavy acceleration can greatly reduce range or speed.

    Minimotors Power System
    Motor: : 72v Dual Brushless, 1200w x 2 Motor Hub
    Battery: : 35Ah Branded LG Battery
    Suspension: : Hydraulic & Spring Suspension
    Tyres: : 11″ CST Pneumatic Tyres
    Brakes: : Full Hydraulic Brakes + ABS
    Max Speed: : limited to 25km/h (80km Private Use Only)
    Range: : 100km (Eco Mode)
    Max Load: : 150kg
    Weight: 46kg