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Mercane electric scooter Brisbane
Mercane MX 60 electric scooter
mercane electric scooter australia
MX 60 electric scooter
mercane electric scooter brisbane
Mercane electric scooter Brisbane
Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter 60V 10Ah/20Ah
Mercane MX 60 electric scooter
Mercane MX 60 electric scooter
mercane electric scooter australia
Mercane electric scooter Brisbane
Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter 60V 10Ah/20Ah
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Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter 60V 10Ah/20Ah


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    If you want a ruggedly handsome, durable adult electric scooter that offers you unrivalled balance and comfort, then the Mercane MX 60 off-road electric scooter is the ideal choice.

    The military-styled Mercane MX 60 has a macho appearance and offers an equally macho all-round performance. This adult electric scooter is built for all-terrain offering you a relatively seamless and comfortable ride no matter how rough the road may be.

    Here's what you should expect from your Mercane MX 60 electric scooter.

    Large Deck: The MX60 Mercane comes with a large deck that is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 120 kg while offering you balance and stability as you ride the electric scooter. 

    Front and Rear Air Shocks: The large deck balances on both front and rear air shocks with a damping control system which adapts to any terrain to significantly reduce on-road turbulence and offer you a seamless drive at all times.

    Large Tyres: This off-road electric scooter is fitted with large, premium 11 inch tubeless, pneumatic air tyres to provide you with the comfort, balance and assurance of long distance rides. The Mercane MX 60 has a maximum drive range of 100 km.

    Detachable Batteries: MX60 Mercane comes with a 7 kg, 60V 10Ah detachable battery pack that you can remove from the scooter and charge at home or at work. The battery powers the 1200w front-end and rear-end dual motors. 

    Military Grade Built: This is a military grade adult electric scooter with a bulletproof, solid construct. The Mercane MX 60 weighs just 27kg and comes with a handy folding mechanism that allows you to easily lift the scooter, carry it around and also conveniently store this off-road electric scooter when not in use.

    Reliable Steering and Braking System: With the MX60 Mercane you have highly reliable steering while the braking system is very responsive to give you reassurance and safety when making quick, sharp emergency stops. Safety is an essential when it comes to this electric scooter and it is fitted with LED head and tail lights that ensures that you can see properly and be seen by other road users while you ride at night.

    Triple Power Modes: The Mercane MX 60 offers you a triple power mode option while on-the-go. You can also switch between the power mode options while engaging one or both of the dual motors. 

    Built to withstand the stress and rigours of regular use on rough, undulating terrains, the portable MX60 Mercane is the ultimate electric scooter for experienced eScooter riders who appreciate paying top-dollar for a premium quality adult electric scooter.

    Note: You can accessorise your Mercane MX 60 with a comfortable seat. However, note that the seat is not included with this eScooter and would have to be purchased at a separate price

    Motor Power: 60V 2400W dual
    Battery: 60V 10Ah | 60V 20Ah
    Max Drive range: 50km | 100km
    Speed: limited to 25km/h (60km/h on private land ONLY)
    Max load: 120kg
    Weight: 27kg | 30kg
    Battery Weight: 4kg | 7kg
    Suspension: Air shock absorb with the damping control system
    Tire: Tubeless 11 inch air tire