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                Kaabo Mantis E-Scooter Range

                Excellence combined with great value. Sounds too good to be true but, in this case, it is true! Kaabo most recent development - Mantis electric scooter is a game-changer. Two 1200w motors wired together with industry-leading Minimotors controller power by high capacity LG cells will leave any sceptic speechless as soon as they hit that accelerator button. On top of that, the scooter is equipped with 10-inch tube tyres that provide world-class grip and surface absorption. Let's talk about design for a moment. Kaabo designers pulled a masterpiece on this one. Strict but at the same time very provocative. In our opinion and many others, it is a well balanced and attractive scooter.

                Kaabo has a variety of other scooters to choose from. Their high-end off-road Wolf-Warrior is the newest addition to the family. The performance is straight out of this world, albeit so is the price tag. True fanatics will understand and appreciate this beast. The frame is built for ultra high-level performance on any surface at incredibly high speeds for an electric scooter. Read More

                Kaabo Mantis Electric Scooters: Some Of The Most Exciting Scooters On The Market!

                The Kaabo Mantis are some of the most exciting E-scooters on the market, and here at Dubitz Scooters, you can get your hands on one and look forward to many adventures on your new scooter.

                The Kaabo Mantis electric scooter lets you have a fantastic urban riding experience, and there is a range of them to choose from.

                Why Choose The Kaabo Mantis?

                At Dubitz Scooters, you can find your Kaaboo Mantis scooter online and have it sent directly to your home for your convenience.

                We stock:

                When you are looking for speed, the Kaabo Mantis E-scooter in Australia is your ideal choice. They feature some of the best technology and make adult scooting not only convenient for commuting but also fun.

                The Mantis Elite has speed, power and range, getting you to where you need to be. For safety, there are LED lights for the head, tail and brakes. There is also no need to worry that you will run out of charge with its 18.2AH LG battery cells.

                The Mantis Duo offers you many similarities, but this more budget-friendly version will leave you smiling. The 17.5AH LG battery cells still give you a good range for your commute, and the estimated range is 70 km when calculated under factory conditions.

                Kaabo’s Mantis Pro can go further yet with an estimated 90km when tested under factory conditions. This is thanks to its 24.5AH LG battery helping you to get to your destination. The MiniMotors power train provides heaps of torque to get up any hill. With three power modes and a digital display to keep you informed throughout your journey, this scooter gives you one of the best experiences.

                If you are after an easily foldable option, then why not consider the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor? Complete with a choice of two colours, you can easily carry this scooter when not in use or fold it up and keep it out of the way.

                Get Your Favourite Kaabo Mantis Option At Dubitz Scooters

                If you are looking to buy a Kaabo Mantis electric scooter, make sure you come to Dubitz Scooters for our great service and expertise with E-scooters in Australia.

                Our team is here for you if you need any help in choosing your Kaabo Mantis E-scooter. We are easy to contact, and you can get in touch with us by phone at 0422 791 188 or by email at

                We can also provide you with the maintenance and electric scooter repair service that you need for your scooter. Like a car or a bike, your scooter should be regularly serviced to ensure that it remains in optimum condition and will be there for you when you need it most. Dubitz Scooters is proud to have a range of packages to suit our customers. Please see our Service and Maintenance page for more information.

                Get your Kaabo Mantis scooter online today from Dubitz Scooters and look forward to hassle-free travel. We look forward to you shopping with us. Read Less

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                Kaabo Mantis PRO 60V 24.5Ah E-Scooter


                Kaabo Mantis ELITE 60V 18.2Ah E-Scooter


                Kaabo Mantis Duo 60V 17.5Ah E-Scooter


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