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                Electric Scooter Accessories

                You can pimp your adult electric scooter today with a host of helpful, life saving E-scooter accessories to give you a safe and comfortable ride at all times. Never go out riding your E-Scooter without the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We offer high quality safety gear like a safety vest, riders helmet, hand gloves, and eye goggles.

                While PPE should be an essential part of your everyday E-Scooter rider outfit, you should also never forget to carry along some survival kits. Part Our E-Scooter emergency accessory items include a variety of scooter locks, tire valve extenders, tire slime, front lights and rear lights to choose from.

                If you prefer riding your electric scooter while sitting down, then you may want to consider picking one of our scooter seats and while you are seated, you might also want to listen to some tunes from your mobile phone. With a phone holder, you can conveniently ride your scooter and use your mobile phone without compromising on safety. Read More

                Buy Your Electric Scooter Accessories Online

                When you have bought your perfect electric scooter in Australia you will need the perfect range of scooter accessories to go with it. Not only do E-scooter accessories make your ride safer, but they can also make it more convenient and fun too, and Dubitz Scooters is a great place to get everything you need.

                We stock everything from safety equipment to chargers and scooter phone holders, and it is easy to find what you need on our website.

                Which Accessories Do You Need For Your Electric Scooter?

                It almost goes without saying that an electric scooter helmet is a crucial accessory for your electric scooter. It can protect your head in the event of an accident, and it is also a legal requirement to wear one when you are using your electric scooter in Australia.

                At Dubitz Scooters, you can choose from a range of colours so that you get the right look from your helmet. They also come in different sizes to give you the best possible fit, so please check the diameter of your head before you order.

                It is not just safety equipment that makes up our range of accessories for your electric scooter. You can also make your ride more comfortable with seats for certain models of scooters.

                A scooter bag lets you carry your essential equipment easily and, as it attaches to the front of your scooter, you will be able to see where it is. If you do not need to carry a lot with you, you could opt for a smartphone holder, which gives you a handy place to keep your phone while you are riding.

                We also have other holders for items like your water bottle, which is incredibly useful for those longer journeys and allows you to hydrate when you are out and about.

                There are also scooter specific accessories available that can help you to upgrade your scooter and make the most of your scooting experiences.

                With the Xiaomi Mi, you can add some Bluetooth earphones or a fitness bracelet to be entertained and track your fitness progress.

                Come To Dubitz Scooters For Your Accessories

                You can purchase our electric scooter accessories online. We offer free shipping when you spend over $200, so why not add some accessories to your order? Our accessories for electric scooters can be sent to you throughout Australia, or you can pop into our store in Brisbane to see them for yourself.

                It is also good to know that we carry a large range of electric scooters, and if you want any advice on the best scooter to choose for you, we can help you to find the right one.

                Not only this, but as an electric scooter specialist store, we also stock spare parts for your E-scooter. Should you want to customise or upgrade your scooter, we are the place to carry it out for you.

                Visit us today and find just what you need for your electric scooter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team who will be happy to help. Read Less

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