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                Unagi Electric Scooters

                Of the many different brands of electric scooters in Australia, the Unagi Scooter is one of the most stylish. As a brand, they’ve taken the idea of elegant design and run with it. All of their models are built to keep everything sleek and tidy, with ease of movement, storage and user-friendliness. Many of their offerings use fantastic materials and ride features to make for a safe and comfortable journey every time. Read More

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                As a provider of a huge range of quality electric mobility brands, we’re proud to offer Unagi scooters to all our customers. We’re passionate about good quality mobility solutions and insist only on the best designs and hardware when it comes to our stock. These scooters are designed to accommodate any rider, so whether you just want to get out and enjoy a ride on a weekend or you want a cost-effective and eco-friendly commute to work, look no further than our range of Unagi electric scooters.

                Benefits Of The Unagi Electric Scooters

                One of the things that Unagi does best is offer a beautiful design. Their products are often presented in a range of elegant, one-tone colours and tones, and have a simple, sleek aesthetic making them very desirable objects without being over the top.

                Often, they are praised for their ease of use and stowability. They boast a simple, one-button folding system which means you lock them away and store them with the minimum of fuss. They also feature other innovative ideas that complement their aesthetic, too, including the inbuilt lights. Overall, the impression of an Unagi model is one of a careful designer eager to offer a scooter that is both aerodynamic and pleasing to the eye.

                Our main offering is the Unagi 450 scooter, known as the Model One. Made from the same materials as the SpaceX rockets it has futuristic, lightweight look that wouldn’t be out of place on a sci-fi film. Features of this model include:

                • Super lightweight materials, including carbon fiber, machined aluminium and magnesium alloy, giving it an overall weight of only 12Kg
                • A maximum speed of 15.5mph and a range of 15.5m/25km giving you plenty of charge and range to get to work and back.
                • Dual anti-locking ABS brakes for great control and stopping power, making it a safe option for whichever terrain you travel on.
                • An intelligent internal processor which offers three speeds, beginner, intermediate and advanced. This process will also analyse and memorize your speed preferences to make your ride as pleasant and simple as you like every time.

                The Model One also features puncture-proof solid rubber tyres that contain air pockets spread all around the circumference of the wheel. This offers a maintenance-free durability to the scooter which also delivers when it comes to comfort and shock absorption.

                The Best Place to Order Unagi Scooters Online in Australia

                Best of all, we offer these award-winning, immensely popular electric scooter at a reasonable price and can ship them to you in a matter of days. We’ve also got a physical shop in Brisbane so you can arrange to come by and take a look at our range or even rent a scooter for a weekend to see what it feels like.

                If you like what you see, you can order right now! To order your Unagi E-scooter today, register your account with a few details now and add the model of your liking to the basket and we’ll get it out to you in no time at all! Read Less

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                UNAGI 450 Electric Scooter

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