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BUNDLE Xiaomi M365 PRO Electric Scooter
BUNDLE Xiaomi M365 PRO Electric Scooter
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BUNDLE Xiaomi M365 PRO Electric Scooter

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    - Xiaomi M365 Pro E-scooter
    - U-Lock
    - Helmet

    - LED Rain Cover
    - Bag Hook

    Xiaomi M365 Pro is a light weight electric scooter weighing only 14kg, but it is able to accommodate a single rider weighing a maximum of 100 kg.

    Also known as Mijia Pro, this Xiaomi scooter upgrade is slightly heavier and larger than the original Xiaomi M365 entry-level e-scooter model.

    Xiaomi M365 Pro comes with a 300 Watts motor that peaks at 600 Watts and offers users a top speed of 25.8 km/h. The Range of this e-scooter is 40.4 kilometers on its 474 W/h capacity Lithium-ion battery.

    This Xiaomi scooter offers a really fast acceleration time, but the excellent braking system ensures that you are always in control of the speed. If you have to climb a hill, you can be sure that this electric scooter will get you up a steep slope with little or no effort at all.

    Xiaomi M365 Pro has a built-in LED information monitor display that comes with different Modes. This LED display provides you with real-time updates on the; Speed, Lights, Battery Capacity, Error Messages and the Bluetooth Connection status of the electric scooter.

    With a spacious deck, this Xiaomi scooter has enough room for its large 474 Wh capacity Lithium-ion battery pack while at the same time, providing a more steady and comfortable ride than the earlier model.

    A Responsive Braking System

    When it comes to the cable controlled braking system, Xiaomi M365 Pro offers riders a mechanical disc brake in the rear-end and an ABS regenerative braking system in the front-end. Riders control the brakes by using the single handheld brake lever.

    Xiaomi M365 Pro offers a Smooth Ride

    The Xiaomi is an affordable electric scooter with 8.5 inch pneumatic tires that provide you with the stability needed for a smooth ride on most surfaces by absorbing much of the vibrations experienced on rough, undulating roads. In addition, the air tube 8.5 inch tyres offer fantastic manoeuvrability especially on corners.

    A Portable e-Scooter

    The Xiaomi M365 Pro in Australia is built for e-scooter  enthusiasts wishing to explore their city or commute to work or school without having to catch a bus ride. As mentioned before, this e-scooter weighs just 14 kg and it comes with a folding mechanism that allows the device to be folded into a compact size (112 x 43 x 48 cm) that makes it easy and convenient to carry about.

    A Highly Affordable e-Scooter

    You can now purchase the water resistant Xiaomi M365 Pro in Australia. It is possible for you to own this high quality affordable electric scooter here for just about $900AUD.

    1. Do not use the scooter in heavily rainy days or on the ground with ponding water.
    2. Please wear helmet for your safety. 

    Model: M365 PRO
    Material: aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
    Wheel size: 8.5 inch inflatable tire
    Maximum speed: 25 km/h
    Cruising distance: 45 km
    Braking system: front E-ABS anti-lock system, rear mechanical disk brake
    Rated motor power: 300W
    Maximum motor power: 600W
    Battery pack power: 474 Wh, 12.8Ah / 37V Li-ion battery
    Climbing gradient: 20 degree
    Waterproof grade: IP54
    Max load: 100kg
    Charging time: approx. 8 hours
    Unfolding size: 108 x 43 x 114 cm
    Folding size: 108 x 43 x 49 cm
    Net weight: 14.2 kg
    Speed Mode: ECO Mode, Standard Mode, Sports Mode

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