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Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter
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Hero S8 Pro 1000W Electric Scooter


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What's NEW? 

Battery: Massive 52V 18Ah or 23Ah Electric Car Grade DMEGC Cells 

Motor: 1000W 

Range: 50-70 km (depending on speed, rider weight and road conditions)

Max Speed:  25km/h (55 km/h private property)

Lights: Built in powerful lower LED front lights, and NEW acrylic side lights with over 16 million colours (patented). 120 different light pattern options! Absolutely stunning! Now even brighter! Controlled with an app.
Download app: LED Hue. Connect to SP110E. Set pixel to 600. 

New foldable stem design. 5 sec folding!

New BMX style handlebar (non-foldable) for higher quality riding experience. The S8 fits inside most car trunks for transport. Foldable handlebars loosen after riding for some time. The new straight handlebar is much safer and makes the ride more comfortable vs the folded handlebars.

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Why Choosing Hero S8 Electric Scooter

For a reliable, tough and durable multiple-terrain electric scooter you can trust, check out the Hero S8 Scooter. This adult electric scooter offers you a seamless, secure, and consistent ride at all times. The Hero S8 is a fast electric scooter that reaches top speed really quickly. This electric scooter will also remain very stable on the ground even when you are riding at top speed.

This electric scooter is equipped with a wide, sturdy wheel which is great when skidding through corners as the wheels grip the ground pretty well to guarantee your safety on sharp bends. In addition to this, the Hero S8 Scooter has large dual disc brakes that are sharp and respond very well to emergency stops.

With a single 100Watt Brushless motor capable of reaching a top speed of around 55km/h, the acceleration of the Hero Scooter S8 is very impressive indeed. This scooter is slightly heavier than many similar contemporary models and has a maximum net weight of 26 kg. However, this weight contributes to the excellent stability and balance of the Hero S8 eScooter, making this scooter one of the safest around. Read More

Two Hero S8 Scooter Battery Options

You get to decide which battery to choose for your electric scooter as the Hero S8 Scooter comes with two different battery size options. The battery sizes include the lesser 18Ah - 40 km option or the top range battery size of 23Ah - 60 km.

Impressive Dual Suspension & Disc Brakes

The Hero S8 electric scooter offers a top-of-the-range dual suspension equipped with four completely independent suspension pistons that provide you with the balance and stability needed for a comfortable, smooth ride. Also, you can be sure of absolute control of your scooter, as the Hero S8 has both rear and front disc brakes that offer excellent stopping capabilities even when the brakes are applied suddenly.

Safety Sport Lights for a Night Ride

Safety is very important when you are outdoors riding your scooter in Australia. This is why the Hero electric scooter is fitted with both rear and front end safety sport lights. In addition to this, the scooter comes with cool acrylic-based handlebars and an acrylic lighting system that offers as many as 16.5 million colours. This gives you excellent visibility even as you ride your scooter on a dark, poorly lit road.

A Portable Electric Scooter

The Hero S8 Scooter is highly portable. The acrylic-based handle bar can be adjusted so that the electric scooter can be easily folded and carried about with little or no discomfort.

Hero S8: a High Quality Affordable Electric Scooter

The Electric scooter Hero S8 is made from top quality car-grade aluminium alloy material that gives this eScooter a tough, rugged, durable and stable construct. Hero S8 is available for between AUD $1,700 and AUD $1,800. This eScooter may seem pricey on the surface, but what you get is a high quality, portability, triple long-lasting battery options, dual suspensions, responsive brakes and the other accessories that make this scooter worth every Australian Dollar.

Safe & Portable Hero S8 Electric Scooters

If you are looking for a safe and portable e-scooter, the Hero S8 makes an excellent choice. Packed with stability features and safety equipment, the Hero S8 electric scooter is a fantastic scooter for adults, and it means that you can commute with ease and simplicity.

Thanks to the folding and portable design, you will be able to fold up your Hero S8 scooter and take it wherever you need to go. If part of your journey is on public transport, you will not need to worry about getting a large bike on and off, and you can just carry your scooter with you. It will also fit under your desk at work or in your boot, so it is an extremely convenient option.

Benefits Of The Hero S8 E-Scooter

When you want to get somewhere quickly, the S8 Hero can help you to get there. It reaches its top speed quickly. Even when you are travelling fast, you do not have to be concerned about your safety being compromised. This scooter offers excellent stability thanks to its wide wheels, weight and balance.

The choice of batteries also means that you can make your S8 work for you, and this allows you to travel up to 60km from a charged battery when tested under factory conditions.

With an acrylic lighting system, as well as safety sports lights to the front and rear, you can see where you are going and make it easier for others to see you while you are riding.

The Hero S8 electric scooter price is great and it is packed with features, making it an affordable option for one of the safest rides.

Buy Or Try Your Hero S8 Today

You can buy your Hero S8 electric scooter online here at Dubitz Scooters today. What’s more, because you will be spending over $200, you can get your Hero S8 E-scooter in Australia with free delivery.

We also offer a try before you buy-service with our test rides. You can try out any model that we offer to make sure that it is the right one for you. If you would like to book this service, please get in touch with us to arrange it.

Do not forget to complete your S8 Hero E-scooter purchase with essential safety equipment. Wearing an E-scooter helmet while riding is the law in Australia, and you can find one on our website under the E-scooter accessories section.

We also have electric scooter service and repairs service for your ongoing electric scooter ownership needs. By regularly servicing your scooter, you can ensure that you continue to get the best from it, and it makes sense to return your scooter to the experts who know it well.

Should you have any questions about the Hero S8 or just want some friendly advice about buying an electric scooter, our team can help. We are easy to get in touch with, and you can call us on 0422 791 188 or email us at

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PRODUCT SIZE: 1270mm x 1100mm x 560mm
BODY FRAME: Aluminium Alloy T6061 / T6063
MOTOR POWER: 48v 800Watt
BATTERY: 48v 13ah | 48v 16ah | 48v 21ah
MAX MILEAGE: 40km | 50km | 60km
MAX SPEED (limited): 25km/h
MAX GRADEABILITY: 20 degree uphill
LIGHTS: 2 LED front light, 2 Acrylic RGB light, 2 LED rear light and brake light
TIRES: 8 x 3.5-inch solid all- terrain wheel
BRAKES: Front and rear disc brake + Electric magnetic brake
SUSPENSION: 4 Spring piston suspension (2 front and 2 rear)
CHARGER: CE, UL, FCC approved charger
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 27kg | 28kg | 29kg
PACKAGE SIZE: 110 cm x 22cm x 40cm
COLORS: Black / White