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2020 Mercane WideWheel PRO Electric Scooter
2020 Mercane WideWheel PRO Electric Scooter
2020 Mercane WideWheel PRO Electric Scooter
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2020 Mercane WideWheel PRO Electric Scooter

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Why Choosing Mercane WideWheel PRO Scooter

Mercane WideWheel PRO takes the WideWheel brand to the next level. This adult electric scooter is a massive upgrade on earlier models. Offering a better design, a fortified aluminum alloy frame and a responsive dual braking system, the 2020 WideWheel PRO scooter resolves the issues of malfunctioning brake calipers, swingarms and stems which were widely reported to have plagued previous versions.

This Mercane WideWheel PRO electric scooter weighs a moderate 24.5 kg, but can withstand a maximum rider weight of 100kg. There is a significant improvement in the battery of the 2020 Mercane WideWheel scooter compared to the 2019 model.

With a 15Ah Li-ion, 720 W/h large battery compared to the previous model's 634 W/h battery, the 2020 Mercane offers riders a much higher test range of close to 40km* when driven at top speed.

Speaking of which, the Mercane WideWheel PRO scooter is one of the fastest electric scooter models around. With an Acceleration Time of 3.2 seconds in 0 to 40.2 km/h and a Top Speed of 45 km/h*(on private land only).

While this WideWheel PRO electric scooter gets you around in quick time, it is also safe to drive and has an impressive Braking Distance of 3.8 meters from 24 to 0 kmh. The 2020 Mercane has a dual 500 Watts motor that is capable of propelling riders up a steep slope quickly and with relative ease.

The WideWheel scooter PRO also comes with an LCD monitor display, enhanced grips and an extra brake lever for improved safety. With the LCD display screen, riders are better able to monitor the odometer, speed, and battery life of their electric scooter amongst a host of other performance-related functions. Read More

Enjoy a Comfortable Ride with Mercane WideWheel PRO Scooter

Apart from being one of the fastest electric scooter models around, this adult electric scooter also offers riders a seamless and comfortable ride, especially on smooth surface roads. The Mercane WideWheel scooter is built with a dual spring suspension system to reduce the vibrations encountered on rough roads. In addition, this electric scooter comes with 4-inch wide, soft polyurethane foam-filled airless tires that further provide stability to the unit and riders need not worry about annoying punctures or flat tires. The Mercane WideWheel Pro is stable on the ground and riders can be sure of being secure even as they have loads of fun while riding.

A Foldable Adult Electric Scooter

The Mercane WideWheel scooter is very flexible and quite easy to fold. The scooter comes with a folding mechanism that requires only a few twists of a folding wrench to get the scooter in a compact, easy to carry (even with one hand) position. You can then easily carry, store or pack the unit as the case may be.

Ride the Mercane WideWheel PRO at Night in Safety

The Mercane WideWheel Pro can be driven at night in relative safety as it comes with both front and rear-end high-mounted LED lights. The front LED lights are very efficient particularly when used at a close distance.

However, you may need to add extra lights if you want to have a better view of distant objects at night and on a dark road.

Mercane Wide Wheel PRO Electric Scooter Makes Riding Fun!

If you are looking for a fun ride on a strong scooter, then the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is a definite contender. This model has come a long way to its predecessor, and with its fortified aluminium alloy frame and a responsive dual braking system, it has taken care of the issues that riders may have once experienced.

The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is available online at Dubitz Scooters, offering you all the convenience that you need from online shopping. You can choose to buy at a time that suits you. If you need any help at all, just give us a call between 9 am to 6 pm, and we will be there to answer your questions.

The Mercane Wide Wheel PRO

If you are considering a Wide Wheel Pro Scooter, the Mercane boasts many features that will give you a great ride. Should you want to go for long distances, the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro E-scooter will be able to go with you thanks to its 15Ah Li-ion, 720 W/h large battery. When tested in factory conditions, it could reach almost 40km, so it should be capable of taking you on your daily commute.

What’s more, as it weighs 24.5kg, you can take your scooter into the office and place under your desk for safekeeping.

Safety has also been a consideration with the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro electric scooter. The braking distance is 3.8 meters from 24 to 0 km.

With its wide wheel design, you can look forward to all the comfort that this scooter will bring to your ride. The 4-inch wide, soft polyurethane foam-filled airless tires give you better stability. Along with this, there is also the benefit that they will not get punctured thanks to their airless design.

The LED lights mean that you will be able to see where you are going, even when travelling at night. There is also an LCD monitor so that you can check your speed, battery life and other functions.

Buy Your Mercane Wide Wheel Pro E-Scooter at Dubitz Scooters

You can order your Mercane Wide Wheel Pro in Australia at Dubitz Scooters. As delivery is free when you spend $200, you will not have to factor that into your budget, and you can just look forward to receiving your new electric scooter.

No electric scooter would be complete without the necessary safety gear, and you will find a whole range of electric scooter accessories that complement your new scooter perfectly. With everything from E-scooter helmet to rain covers and bottle holders, we have what you need to make your ride a pleasure every time you step on your scooter.

Our maintenance and repairs service is also here for you when you become the proud owner of an electric scooter in Australia. You can make sure that you keep your scooter in the best condition and take care of any repairs that might be necessary.

Shop with us today for your Wide Wheel Pro scooter.

Get Your Mercane WideWheel PRO Scooter Online Today

The WideWheel PRO eScooter is now available in Australia for a price of about $1,795. This electric scooter is worth every dollar as it is made from durable aluminium alloy, offers a dual braking system, and high-quality dual spring suspension to give you a much more comfortable ride.

In addition, this unit comes with a fully functional LCD monitor display with different modes and status indicators like speed, battery, and odometer available to give users complete control of their e-scooter

*Range will vary drastically depending on the weight of the rider, speed, mode, hill angle, air temperature etc. Read Less

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Mercane Pro 2020 Wide Wheel Single Motor 10ah | Dual Motor 15ah
Weight: 16 kg | 25.25 kg
Speed (limited.): 25 km/h (private land - 40 km/h) |25 km/h (private land - 40 km)
Max. Range: 40 km | 60 - 70 km
Motor: 500W Single Rear | 2x 500W Dual, 800W Peak
Battery Power: 48V, 10Ah | 48V, 15Ah
Charging Time: 6-8 hrs | 6-8 hrs
Climb Angle: 20 - 25 Deg | 40+ Deg
Brakes: Front and rear mechanical disc brakes | Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Waterproof Rating: IP54 (light rain) | IP54 (light rain)
Colour: Black / grey | Black / grey
Max Load: 100 kg | 100 kg