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                Mercane Electric Scooters

                Mercane is a Korean personal mobility company that specializes in powerful and well-manufactured electric scooters. Mercane engineers are extremely immersed in the creation of an e-scooter that could smash through even the steepest slopes with ease. Simultaneously, Mercane electric scooters are very easy in terms of maintenance and have an eye-catchy design.

                The outcome of the tireless developing was the Mercane WideWheel electric scooter . This battlefield-tested machine will cruise through the city like a knife through butter. The Dual motors installed on dual-suspension will make sure that any obstacles become a thing of the past with heaps of power and up to 45º inclination angle. 

                The most ambitious and driven always seek for excellence and the Mercane MX-60 electric scooter is an absolute king of two worlds created for both urban and off-road settings. Almost 2500W of power divided between front and rear will propel any adrenaline rush seeker into the stratosphere of joy and happiness. Heavy-duty suspension with state of the art frame will keep you comfortable and safe on any road conditions. Did we forget the 10-inch tubeless tyres? The Flagman is here check it out today! Read More

                Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooters: Safe, Durable & Convenient!

                Do you want to experience all of the benefits of an electric scooter with a design that is durable, safe and convenient? If so, the Mercane WideWheel scooter is an excellent option for you.

                At Dubitz Scooters, we can provide you with the electric scooter that is right for you, and as specialists in electric scooters in Australia, we can also offer you any advice that you might be after. We stock a wide range of E-scooters, and you can experience the convenience of an E-scooter and turn your commute into a pleasure rather than a chore.

                Why Choose a Mercane WideWheel Scooter?

                Mercane Wide Wheel scooters offer you many benefits as the rider. They have a simple and robust design, which makes it easier to ride.

                As it is a wide wheel scooter, you can look forward to an extremely stable ride, even when the terrain is more uneven. If you are concerned about getting tired when using a scooter, then a Mercane Wide Wheel E-scooter is definitely worth your consideration as the wheel size helps to prevent fatigue, especially when riding for longer periods.

                Along with the 2019 MK2 Mercane Wide Wheel Electric Scooter, we also stock the 2020 Mercane Wide Wheel PRO Electric Scooter. This upgrade to the 2019 model gives you a better battery, which is ideal for longer commutes, and it means that you can get an estimated 40km of use from your battery when it was tested under factory conditions.

                It has also fixed some of the issues from the previous models, including the swingarms, stems and brake callipers.

                You can also look forward to a speedy ride with the Mercane Wide Wheel electric scooter. You will also be able to easily keep an eye on your speed and battery life with the LCD screen.

                Get Your WideWheel E-Scooter Today

                If you are looking for where to buy your Mercane Wide Wheel scooter online, look no further than Dubitz Scooters. You can shop at a time that is convenient for you and take advantage of some of our great offers for electric scooters.

                What’s more, when you buy your Mercane Wide Wheel scooter from us, you can have free delivery in Australia when you spend over $200. Before you head to the checkout, make sure you make your ride a safe experience by adding some safety accessories to your basket. We stock a range of safety gear, including E-scooter helmet, so that you have everything you need for your new scooter.

                Once you have become the proud owner of an electric scooter, you are going to want to keep it in the best possible condition. A great way to do this is through regular servicing and e-scooter maintenance, which we can offer you here at Dubitz Scooters. We are also able to complete repairs should your scooter ever need one.

                If you have any questions about our range of Mercane electric scooters in Australia, you can contact us directly on 0422 791 188 or by email at We look forward to your order. Read Less

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                2020 Mercane WideWheel PRO Electric Scooter


                Mercane Jubel 48v 15Ah


                2019 MK2 MERCANE WideWheel Electric Scooter


                Mercane MX60 Electric Scooter 60V 10Ah/20Ah


                Seat for Mercane WideWheel E-Scooter


                Mercane Jubel 48v 15Ah Black | PRELOVED

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