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ninebot segway phone holder electric scooter dubitz brisbane australia
ninebot segway phone holder electric scooter dubitz brisbane australia
ninebot segway phone holder electric scooter dubitz brisbane australia
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Smartphone Holder for Scooter


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    A Great Phone Holder For Your E-scooter

    Our Scooter phone holder can be easily mounted to your E-Scooter to help keep your mobile phone firmly secure even as you ride your scooter at top speed. The phone holder supports 4.7" to 7" mobile phones and can be used on your Xiaomi M365, Ninebot, and Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooter amongst others. Read More

    Trying to Find a Scooter Phone Holder?

    It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without our smartphones. Every feature of our lives can be augmented by smart technology, whether it is work, schedule organisation or fitness. For those of us who like the thrill of a scooter ride to work, the gym or a social engagement, it can be difficult to find useful pocket space for our smartphones. That’s why having a good quality scooter phone holder that can help us to organise or keep in contact as we go is a brilliant addition to our scooter.

    We’re pleased to offer a range of top-quality electric scooters in Australia, as well as accessories for electric scooters, including phone holders for scooters, electric scooter helmets, and anything you might need to enjoy even more your scooter rides. As scooter users ourselves, we look for accessible, durable products that stand up to repeated use. Whether you are looking for a phone holder that will help you speak on the phone, listen to music or keep up with traffic and directions, we’ve got just the right product for you.

    Our Electric Scooter Phone Holder

    Features of our Ninebot phone holder includes:

    • Easy mounting, using a simple, adjustable bar clamp
    • Adjustable phone holder which can fit any 4”7 to 7” smartphone.
    • Durable, slip-proof materials
    • Designed to fit a wide range of scooters
    • Soft clamp to reduce vibration and surface scratches
    • 360-degree rotation

    Purchase Your Phone Holder Today & Stay Safe While Using Your Phone On a Scooter

    Of course, it would be remiss of us not to offer you some advice on how you can use your phone safely when you are on your scooter. Whatever the purpose of your journey, your safety is much more important than being able to use your phone and the great thing about a scooter is that you can stop and park up any time. So, if you think there might be a problem using your phone, stop immediately or keep your phone off and in your pocket or bag.

    Other things to consider include:

    • Busy or isolated - If you are in a built-up area and there are lots of people around you may want to avoid using your phone whilst you are on the scooter, so you will be avoiding distraction.
    • Loud or quiet - if you are listening to music, you might have difficulty hearing cars or pedestrians if it is noisy, and it is always worth checking that the volume you have your phone on will not be a distraction from what’s going on around you.
    • Eyes up! - It should go without saying that a busy journey is not the time to be watching the latest box set or blockbuster. Just because you can stop any time it doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to the potential hazards of not watching where you are going.

    Order Your Scooter Phone Holder Online Today!

    We’re ready to send your E-scooter phone holder to you now. Whatever phone or scooter you have; we’ll be able to send the right one out to you. If you aren’t sure, just have a chat with our online service agent now and check to see if our phone holder will work with your models.

    To order now, put in a few details over on our registration form, add the phone holder to your cart and pay. We’ll deal with the rest and your phone holder will be with you in a matter of days! Read Less

    Package Includes:


    • 1x Scooter phone holder