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                Hero Electric Scooters

                Whether you are a newbie to riding electric scooters or you are an experienced eScooter aficionado, there is a Hero Scooter for everyone. Brought to you by Hero Mobility Redefined, an innovator and leader in the highly competitive personal mobility industry, their wide range of top eScooter products are designed with a complete respect for the environment. Read More

                Why Choosing a Hero Electric Scooter

                When it comes to a Hero electric scooter, you can be sure that every mechanical and electrical part is made using aircraft grade, environmentally-friendly materials. Whatever Hero Scooter you decide to get today, you can expect zero carbon pollution and emissions. All Hero Scooters are designed with practicality in mind while offering a classic, elegant appearance that appeals to both the new and older generations of eScooter enthusiasts.

                Batteries are essential to every electric scooter and a Hero Scooter is no exception. Using only premium quality, certified car grade DMEGC Lithium batteries, your Hero electric scooter will run for much longer and over an extensive drive range.

                There are different battery options available depending on the motor power requirement of the Hero Scooter. For example, you have 48V 13Ah,  48V 16Ah or 48V 21Ah to choose from.

                You have the option of choosing from the many Hero e-scooter products available below. If you are interested in owning an off-road scooter, then the Hero S8 is one all-terrain eScooter that cannot be ignored.

                If unlimited comfort is your main requirement, then you can try out the Hero S9 which is also an all-terrain eScooter that reaches a maximum speed of 45kph similar to Hero S8 and is equipped with front and rear 9 inch, Tubeless Pneumatic Air tyres to provide you with unparalleled riding comfort.

                With a Hero electric scooter, you are guaranteed top quality, environmentally friendly, reliable and durable eScooters at decent, affordable Hero electric scooter prices.

                Hero Electric Scooters – A Powerful & Reliable Form of Transport at Great Price

                The Hero electric scooter has been given its name for a reason and choosing to own a Hero E-scooter could be a great decision for you. It is powerful and reliable, and you can be sure that you are getting an excellent quality scooter when you choose a Hero.

                Whether you want an electric scooter in Australia that has long-lasting battery power or is capable of all-terrain use, there is a Hero scooter out there for you. At Dubitz Scooters, you can purchase your Hero electric scooter online or in our store.

                Which Hero E-Scooter Will You Choose?

                Both the Hero S8 and Hero S9 offer you a fantastic travelling experience, and the Hero electric scooters price is very convenient, no matter which model you are looking at.

                The Hero S8 gives you a stable ride no matter what speed you are travelling, and if you are safety conscious, this is a great option for you as it has excellent balance. Thanks to the wide wheels, it helps you to remain on board even when going around sharp corners.

                It also comes with a choice of batteries, the 13Ah, 16Ah and 21Ah, meaning that you can choose the right level of power for you.

                The Hero S9 is also a great choice when it comes to Hero electric scooters, and it gives you the toughness and durability that you require. This scooter can cope with more challenging terrains, and yet you will still have a comfortable experience when using it.

                Hero Electric Scooters Available at Dubitz Scooters

                You can get your Hero electric scooter in Australia and have it delivered from Dubitz Scooters. What’s more, your delivery is free when you spend over $200, meaning that you can get an electric scooter from a trustworthy retailer without paying any extra.

                If you live near our store in Brisbane, you are welcome to come and test ride any of the scooters that we sell, and this is a great way to discover which scooter is right for you, and you can be sure that you have made the right decision.

                We are also here for you with your ongoing electric scooter journey. We offer everything from E-scooter spare parts to electric scooter accessories to make your scooting experience the best that it can be. This includes safety equipment, such as a E-scooter helmet, which is a legal requirement in Australia.

                We also have our in-house e-scooter service and repair. You can trust us to take good care of your scooter and give it the treatment that it needs to ensure that it is road-worthy and reliable. There are different packages to suit our customers, and it is easy to find the one that is right for you.

                Our customer service team is available to answer any questions that you may have, and we are open all week from 9 am to 6 pm. You can call us or email us on 0422 791 188 or

                We look forward to helping you find the right Hero electric scooter for you. Read Less

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