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                Electric Scooter Repair & Servicing

                Are you looking for E-scooter repair & servicing in Brisbane? At Dubitz we can help you to ensure maximum fun & safety when riding. You can also add any of our packages to your E-scooter purchase. Read More

                Do You Need Qualified Electric Scooter Repair?

                If you are a regular scooter user or plan to get out on yours a lot more, it is wise to start thinking about regular maintenance or potential repairs. Maybe you’ve had a scooter for a while already and it is starting to show signs of wear or even stopped working altogether. It happens, unfortunately, but it should come as no surprise. Electric scooters, however well they are built, are always exposed to the wear and tear of the outdoors - but with a little maintenance and care, they can last you a lifetime.

                That’s where we come in. Electric scooter repair and maintenance is something we care about deeply and we are always keen to help you with whatever issue, repair or improvement you need for your scooter. As a company, we’ve had a huge amount of experience with all kinds of scooters and have been able to repair electric scooters even when it has appeared they were ready for scrap. Take a look at our packages and see how we can help you today!

                Our E-scooter Maintenance & Repair Packages

                Here at Dubitz, we like to do things a little differently. We understand that different users have different requirements for their maintenance and repair, so we’ve tiered our services accordingly. That means if you need maintenance for a scooter you only use once or twice a month, you won’t be paying over the odds for a professional service.

                Our e-scooter repair packages include:

                Standard Maintenance


                • A deep clean of the scooter
                • Bolt tightening
                • Lubrication
                • Water seal
                • Fault checking

                Beginner Package


                • One accidental fall repair
                • Customer support
                • Free phone holder
                • 15% off repairs and maintenance
                • $100 off a scooter for family and friends

                Armour Package


                • Two maintenance services and two accident repairs
                • Loan scooter if we have to bring yours in for repair
                • Phone holder and Helmet
                • Customer support
                • 15% off repairs and maintenance
                • $100 off a scooter for family and friends

                Bullet Proof Package

                This is a subscription offer which works brilliantly for those who use their scooter regularly. It includes:

                • Warranty on your scooter during subscription
                • One accidental repair per year
                • Customer support
                • 15% off repairs and maintenance
                • $100 off a scooter for family and friends

                In addition to our packages, we can offer you all kinds of advice and ideas about maintenance and care that you can carry out by yourself. You’ll find a dedicated blog area on our website which is full of useful tips and suggestions for how you can get the best out of your scooter and details on our electric scooter repair services.

                Sign Up Today to Take Advantage of Our Repair & Maintenance Packages For Electric Scooters

                Whatever reason you might be looking for electric scooter repair in Brisbane, we’re ready and waiting to help you out. Give us a call or a message now and let us know what your issues are or what model of E-scooter in Australia you’ve got, and we’ll put together some ideas.

                You can sign up straight away for our packages. Simply fill in a few details on the registration form now and add whichever package suits you to your cart, and we’ll arrange a date and time to service or repair your scooter! Read Less

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                Standard Maintenance


                Beginner Package


                Armour Package


                Bulletproof Package

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