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ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah
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ZERO 10X 52V 18Ah

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    Are you interested in maximizing performance per dollar? Do you want an electric scooter that rides like a much more expensive scooter? Then the ZERO 10X is the only scooter you should consider.


    The ZERO 10X is a premium class electric scooter that will set the electric scooter standard in Australia for value and a budget price for years to come. The dual 800W s/be 1000W hub motors on the ZERO 10X Dual provides a nominal total power output of 1600 s/be 2000W and a peak output power of 3200W. The ZERO 10X makes hill climbs a breeze.The ZERO 10X rides comfortably on hydraulic/spring suspension both front and rear, with 10 inch pneumatic tyres. The pneumatic wheels provide a great balance of performance, comfort, traction, and rolling efficiency for whatever your commute has to offer. Even though the chassis was originally designed for the rigors of off-road riding the rugged design seamlessly transferred to the pavement.


    Riders can easily switch between a battery saving eco mode using just one motor to the turbo mode utilizing both motors for maximum speed and performance. Eco mode extends range from the 80Km turbo mode up to 120km, The available batteries provide 52V in 18AH or 24AH and 60v LG 21AH configurations. Users have the option to extend performance even further with use of an external battery. Top speed comes in at 65KM/H for private land use and capped at 25KM/H for public roads in accordance with standards for public road use in Australia.


    Stopping power is provided courtesy of front and rear disc brakes. Maximum rider weight with gear is 150Kg. The Zero 10X comes in at just over 36Kg, and collapses for storage or travel at 1280 x 680 x  500MM. The ZERO 10X also comes with LED lighting for both front and rear.


    Includes digital display for viewing speed, odometer, battery life, and riding mode.


    Riding through puddles or in rain is not recommended.


    Stem height measured from deck is fixed at 990MM


    Deck size 533 x 228MM


    *Max speed and range are calculated under factory conditions. Factors such as weight, hills, terrain, power mode, lights and heavy acceleration can affect calculated figures.
    Battery : 52V 18Ah | LG 21Ah | LG 24Ah
    Wheel: 10 inches
    Tyre type: Front & rear pneumatic
    Brakes: Front & rear disc brakes
    Range: 80km | 120km (Eco mode)
    Top Speed: Capped at 25km/h (65 km/h for Private Land Use)
    Weight: 30-32 Kg
    Max. Load: 150 Kg
    Suspension: Front spring, rear hydraulic
    Lights: Front & rear LEDs
    Controller: 2 x 25 Ah