Segway is a well-known brand that introduced all of us to a new way of personal transportation. Today, Segway electric scooters are one of the most recognized e-scooters in the world. The current line-up consists of three products that satisfy the needs of three different categories of daily travellers.


The flagman - Segway Max developed for extra-long trips with a whopping 65km range with a single charge. Integrated fast charging for lightning-quick charges between rides. Large and self-healing puncture-free tyres provide comfort and stability on various surface areas.


The fast one - Segway ES4 electric scooter reaches up to 30km/h and is exceptionally easy to carry around with one push folding mechanism. Dual suspension and solid tyres provide ease of mind for any urban traveller.


The light one - Segway ES2 electric scooter is ideally fitted for busy individuals that don't want the hassle of weight and mostly do short trips and are not interested in having the most speed possible.