Mercane is a Korean personal mobility company that specializes in powerful and well-manufactured electric scooters. Mercane engineers are extremely immersed in the creation of an e-scooter that could smash through even the steepest slopes with ease. Simultaneously, Mercane electric scooters are very easy in terms of maintenance and have an eye-catchy design.

The outcome of the tireless developing was the Mercane Wide Wheel electric scooter. This battlefield-tested machine will cruise through the city like a knife through butter. The Dual motors installed on dual-suspension will make sure that any obstacles become a thing of the past with heaps of power and up to 45º inclination angle. 

The most ambitious and driven always seek for excellence and the Mercane MX-60 electric scooter is an absolute king of two worlds created for both urban and off-road settings. Almost 2500W of power divided between front and rear will propel any adrenaline rush seeker into the stratosphere of joy and happiness. Heavy-duty suspension with state of the art frame will keep you comfortable and safe on any road conditions. Did we forget the 10-inch tubeless tyres? The Flagman is here check it out today!