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Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
Hero S9 Electric Scooter
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Hero S9 Electric Scooter


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Why Choosing A Hero S9

If you are an avid scooter fan in Australia and you are looking for an adult electric scooter that is built to be powerful, hard-wearing, and rugged, then look no further than the Hero S9 Scooter.

Designed with high quality aviation-standard alloy, this Hero S9 Scooter model provides you with the highest level of toughness and durability that is comparable with the best eScooters around.

The Hero S9 E-Scooter offers excellent folding capabilities that make this Hero electric scooter highly portable for upwardly mobile users. With an unfolded dimension of 127 by 56 by 111cm and a folded dimension of 105 by 21 by 36cm, the Hero S9 is so handy that you can actually take the scooter along with you when commuting on a bus or train. Available in either the Ghost White or Space Black colors, the electric scooter Hero S9 is also a glam and appealing escooter to behold. Read More

Hero S9 Scooter is equipped with a Powerful Motor

The Hero S9 Scooter is equipped with a powerful 600 Watt motor that peaks at an outstanding 900 Watts. The battery in use is a 48V 21Ah car grade electric, DMEGC Cells Lithium battery with a 5 to 6 hour maximum charging time and an impressive recharge cycle that ranges between 800 to 1,000 cycles. The Hero S9 is fast, with a maximum speed range of between 50 to 60 km and a top speed of 40 km/h.

Wide Tyres & Dual Suspension

The Hero S9 electric scooter comes with wide 215 by 55mm inflatable tires with arrow grip patterns that offer great traction on the ground. In addition to the wide tires, the sophisticated Single Front Spring and Dual Rear Spring Suspension system of the Hero S9 will provide the stability and balance that the eScooter needs to withstand idle weight (120 kg load capacity).

The Super Braking System of the Hero S9 eScooter

Though the S9 Hero is a fast electric scooter, you are always in control with the super braking system in place. This eScooter is equipped with an electronic brake with both front and rear drum brakes in place. You can be sure that this electric scooter in Australia is safe even when you are riding at top speed, as the brakes will always respond without failing when applied.

Other Hero S9 Scooter Features

The Hero Scooter S9 comes with a couple of LED Front Lights as well as two 16 million colors acrylic lights and two LED Rear/brake lights to let other road users behind you know when you are slowing down and even coming to a halt. This scooter is also fitted with a smart, multifunctional LCD display panel. With this display panel, you can monitor the ODO, TRIP, Time, Battery level and Speed of the escooter. The LCD display also allows you to manually switch to cruise control if you like.

Hero S9 An Affordable eScooter & It Can Be Purchased Online

You too can get your own Hero S9 eScooter in Australia for a comparatively affordable price range of between AUD $1,050 and AUD $1,450. For this price, you are sure of getting a portable, durable, fast, and reliable electric scooter today.

Hero S9 Electric Scooters Offer a Great Riding Experience

Powerful, reliable and capable of riding on all services, there is a lot to be gained from buying the Hero S9 electric scooter. The Hero S9 offers you a great riding experience where you can enjoy all the conveniences of travelling on an E-scooter.

At Dubitz Scooters, you can get your Hero S9 electric scooter in Australia enjoying free shipping. You can also benefit from our electric scooter expertise and ask us any questions about the Hero S9 E-scooter or any other scooters that you may be considering.

Why The Hero S9 Could Be The Right Option For You?

The Hero S9 scooter has been made to be environmentally friendly, which makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for more eco-friendly ways to get around. All mechanical and electrical parts are also made using aircraft grade materials, which offers you the strength and reliability that you are after.

You can also expect an extremely comfortable ride from your S9 as it has tube pneumatic air tyres. This also helps to give you more stability from your ride, and with an excellent drum braking system at the back and front, plus the electric brake at the rear of the S9 offers you a safe ride.

Further safety features include LED lighting to the front and back, which lets you see where you are going and helps others to see you. There are also brake lights to the rear.

The LCD unit lets you know your speed, battery level and more so you can be in control throughout your time on your scooter.

What’s more, the Hero S9 electric scooter price is very affordable. You can take your S9 Hero with you wherever you go as it folds up for your convenience, and it can then be placed on public transport, the boot of your car or under your desk at work. The folding design also means that it is easy to store your electric scooter at home, and you will not need masses of space for it.

Buy Your Hero S9 E-Scooter Today From Dubitz Scooters

You can buy your Hero S9 electric scooter online at a time to suit you. Once you have made your purchase, we will get it ready for shipping, and it will be with you shortly.

We also offer a test ride service, and if you would like to try out the Hero S9 before you buy it, just let us know and we can arrange that for you. You can also pop into our Brisbane store and see our Hero Electric Scooters collection.

Dubitz Scooters can also carry out any e-scooter servicing or maintenance for your S9 scooter once you have it so that it continues to be a reliable and powerful mode of transport for you. Please see our Service and Repairs page for more information.

Our staff are always happy to help answer any questions that you may have and give you valuable advice on scooters in Australia. If you would like to get in touch with us, it is easy to do so, and you can call us on 0422 791 188 or email us at Read Less

PRODUCT SIZE: 1275mm x 1100mm x 560mm
BODY FRAME: Aluminum Alloy T6061 / T6063
MOTOR POWER: 48v 600Watt
BATTERY: 48v 13ah | 48v 16ah | 48v 21ah
MAX MILEAGE: 40km | 50km | 60km
MAX SPEED (limited): 25km/h
MAX GRADEABILITY: 20 degree uphill
LIGHTS: 2 LED front light, 2 Acrylic RGB light, 2 LED rear light and brake light
TIRES: 8.5 x 2.2-inch inflatable wheel
BRAKES: Front and rear drum brake + Electric magnetic brake
SUSPENSION: 4 Spring piston suspension (2 front and 2 rear)
CHARGER: CE, UL, FCC approved charger
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 23kg | 24kg | 25kg
COLORS: Black / White