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Top 6 Electric Scooter Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

by King Kong on November 25, 2021

santa clause on e-scooter

Stuck on finding that perfect Christmas gift? We’ve got the answer!

E-scooters make great Christmas gifts that any member of the family or friend will love. And it doesn’t stop there. There are a number of e-scooter accessories and additions that make the entire e-scooter experience even better. Whether you’re buying for someone that already has an e-scooter or is a complete beginner, we’ve got the list for you.

Segway Ninebot MAX

The Ninebot MAX is a great e-scooter that ticks all the boxes. Suitable on all kinds of terrains, it can be used for fun and commutes alike. This scooter has a maximum range of 65km and a maximum speed of 25km/h.

The Ninebot is more powerful than ever and makes for a Christmas gift that is sure to impress.

Price point: $1,149


For a lightweight scooter that can still reach high speeds (25km/h) with a great range (40km), the XIAOMI M365 PRO is the perfect choice. While it offers a fast acceleration time, the high-quality braking system means that the user is always in complete control.

With a host of other amazing additions, this scooter definitely makes it into our top picks for e-scooters this Christmas.

Price point: $949

E-scooter Helmets

Safety is of utmost importance in all situations, and that applies to e-scooters as well. Helmets are essential when riding an e-scooter, keeping the user as safe as possible. Here at Dubitz Scooters, we offer a range of high-quality helmets that will make practical Christmas gifts for any e-scooter rider.

Price point: $45 - $479.95

Phone Holder

Buying for someone attached to their mobile phone? An e-scooter smartphone holder is the perfect gift, either alongside a scooter or for someone who already has an e-scooter.

They particularly come in handy when riding your scooter somewhere unfamiliar so you can bring up the directions on your phone and stay on track with ease.

Price point: $45

E-scooter Accessories

To kit out your e-scooter Christmas gift, or when buying for the e-scooter user in your life, e-scooter accessories are the way forwards. Helmets, gloves, bottle holders, locks, rain covers, lights, seats, we could go on and on!

Accessories can vastly improve the e-scooter experience, and there’s an accessory out there for everyone, so have a browse.

E-scooter Parts

For e-scooters that need a little maintenance or to make sure your e-scooter Christmas gift is prepared for all eventualities, our e-scooter parts come in handy.

We offer tyres, brakes, throttles, chargers, controllers, and more, so every e-scooter is covered.

Be Sure to Impress This Christmas

E-scooters make unforgettable Christmas gifts, offering both practicality and endless fun. To make your Christmas gift complete, you might want to consider some accessories or additions to make sure the person receiving your gift is completely covered. Equally, if you’re buying for an e-scooter lover in your life, any accessory is sure to be appreciated.

Browse our e-scooter shop and make this Christmas extra special and gift your loved ones with gifts that they’ll truly love.


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